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"Days of Drelów" - Remembering Fr. Karol Leonard Wajszczuk

More about the Fr. Karol Wajszczuk Family


The young years Karol Leonard Wajszczuk was born on the 3rd of November 1887 in Siedlce. His father - Piotr - was the son of a farmer from Trzebieszów, and his mother, Marianna of the Maciejczyks, born in Siedlce, came from a family of townspeople |>|

Priesthood in Drelów The Drelów Parish is well known among the people of the Międzyrzec region for its Uniate traditions. On the 17th of January 1874, the church was taken from the Uniate people and turned into an Orthodox Church. It was then that 13 Uniate Christians were killed for their faith |>|

Conspiracy In August 1915, when father Karol Leonard Wajszczuk was a vicar in Radzyń Podlaski, the town was under German occupation |>|

Martyr's death in the concentration camp Father Karol Wajszczuk was arrested for the first time on the 28th of April 1940. A black car, used by the Gestapo, with two policemen drove up at the parish house. Having checked the priest’s identity, the Gestapo officers demanded him to go into the car at once |>|

Father Ceptowski's testimony During the time spent in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, father Karol Wajszczuk demonstrated many noble deeds. One of those deeds was described by father Stefan Ceptowski |>|

To save from forgetting The first anniversary of the end of World War II was celebrated in Drelów with an event, which became part of the region’s history |>|


Written by: dr. Feliks Olesiejuk 
"Wspomnienie o księdzu  Karolu Leonardzie Wajszczuku 1887-1942"

in Rocznik Międzyrzecki - Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Nauk 
w Międzyrzecu Podlaskim -  1987
Excerpts prepared by: Paweł Stefaniuk, assisted by Waldemar J. Wajszczuk
Translated by: Kamila Wajszczuk